Beaver Bank-Kinsac Elementary

Instructions for Picking Up Student Belongings

We are inviting one adult per family to come and collect student materials between 9 am and 2 pm on Monday, June 8 and between 4 pm and 7 pm on Wednesday, June 10.

In an effort to keep everyone safe, please follow the steps below:

• Sign up for a 10 minute appointment time using Optis, the online program that we use to schedule parent/teacher interviews.  The instructions for how to do this are attached to this email.  You will schedule 1 appointment time to gather all of the student materials for your family.
• When you arrive at school for your scheduled appointment time, please park in one of the five marked parking spots available for family use.  They will be the first 5 parking spots closest to the main entrance of the school. 
• If the 5 parking spots are full, please wait for one to be available.  Please exit your car only when parked in 1 of the 5 available spots. 
• Once you are parked, you will need to walk around to the back of the school where you will enter the building through the gym doors.
• As soon as you enter the school, there will be a big yellow bin for you to drop your library books in.
• In the gym, you will pick up your child’s belongings.  All student items are packed in clear bags and labelled with student names. The student belongings are in order by grade/class.  Each class is organized in alphabetical order.
• Some materials (sneakers, headphones, hats, etc.) that didn’t have names on them, are located on a table with each class. 
• There will be a blue bin available for each class to return any other school materials (books, homework bags, technology, etc).
• Excel materials will be located on a seperate, clearly marked table.
• All medical supplies kept at school will be in the students’ clear bags with the rest of their school supplies.
• Once you have picked up all of your items, you can exit the gym into the main hallway of the school and make your way to the front exit where you will be back at your vehicle.
If you miss your scheduled appointment time, please email School Administration at
While collecting belongings please remember to maintain physical distance (6ft) from others and follow other safe practices as outlined by Nova Scotia Public Health.
We thank you for your patience as we navigate through this process.
Your BBK Team